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Long EZ N28EZ

Long-EZ N28EZ

This was taken during a slow speed taxi test at the Canandaigua airport (D38). Currently the plane is finished and running, has been inspected by a DAR and has it's temporary airworthiness certificate.

I also took the AOPA's Rusty Pilot Seminar and additionally completed 13 hours of training in a Diamond DA40 with a Garmin G1000 panel to prepare myself for the phase one testing and first flight of my Long EZ.

With the cold, wintery weather setting in now, the phase one continuation may be a bit delayed!

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Remember, this site is always under construction, the same as the Long EZ! So, check back, and follow the progress of the plane from it's inception to it's first flight...and anything that may happen along the way.

Comments are welcome, please contact me at: Ageless Wings, Harley Dixon

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