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1936 Northrop A17 Attack Flying Model Plans

A17These plans will allow one to build the rubber powered flying model of the 1936 Northrop A17, Attack-Bomber as shown at the left and in the photos below of the finished model, and the uncovered skeleton.

The wingspan of the finished model is 23.5 inches, and the total length is 16.8 inches. As can be seen, the construction is tissue covered balsa, using 'stick and tissue' construction for the frame, ribs and formers.

The plans are complete and highly detailed, and can be used to construct and finish the model exactly as shown in the photo of the model below.

Multiple templates are included for the formers and ribs. They are included on pages separate from the plans themselves. This way, the plans won't be damaged if your method of construction includes cutting out the templates.


These plans were originally published in 1930s aviation magazines and were not necessarily complete then in that they sometimes had to be scaled to fit the magazine's pages. In doing so, some pieces were left out or split to comply with space constraints and fit on adjoining pages. It was left to the builder to reconstruct parts or rescale the drawings where needed.

Do not confuse these plans with other similar ones you may have seen, the plans that I am offering here are scanned from the originals. Then, using the computer, they are redrawn, rescaled, and corrected where needed with the use of graphic editing and CAD programs to combine split components, correct errors and add missing parts.

These two photos to the left are of the actual completed model, covered and uncovered.

A17Unlike the originals, the plans can be printed on only one side, so that cutting one side doesn't damage something you may need on the other.

Instructions are included to enable one to print the corrected, rescaled plans full size on ANY printer, to the scale mentioned above, including the complete original instructions. I have added to the original instructions, both on the plans sheets themselves, and in a file of generic hints, that aids in building, covering, painting, balancing and flying the model when completed.

It also includes hints and tips to make your finished model an item to be proud of. The plans not only include instructions for printing FULL SIZE plans on ANY size paper, but the details for a scale propeller for display, and a flying propeller for... well ... flying!

A17These last close-ups show some of the detail that is present in the plans. These scans shown here are not representative of the quality of the plans themselves. These are reduced in resolution and size to make smaller files for downloading. The plans themselves are clearly printed, highly detailed drawings, full size to the scale mentioned above.

The plans include the markings and information on the paint scheme of the original aircraft. This detail is present throughout the entire model, so the builder can choose any level of finishing that his skill and patience dictate.

The original drawings and dimensions for the plans were taken directly from the full size aircraft in the 1930s, and reflect the original very accurately.

These plans are totally free, but it would certainly be appropriate to consider donating something to help pay for the effort and work I've put into converting and updating these 80+ year old plans.

Most builders donate $10 or more, but you can select as little as $1 or as much as you want. The choice is up to you. Just click on the PayPal button to the right. If you do not have a PayPal account you may pay with a credit card. If you feel these plans are not worth the effort I have put into them, then by all means, you do not have to donate anything. But in either case, please enjoy the plans, and the flying model you can build from them! Thanks for your interest...

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