A bit long and boring video because the camera was on a tripod and I was the only person there.

This was not really a run, per se, but just a quick check of the brakes (new Groves) and starting the engine. Note the older wooden prop. That has since been replaced with a Hertzler "Silver Bullet"!

A little better self photographed video, as I carried a smaller, Canon camera with me. A bit shakey, as not needing to use the stick for this run, I held it in my right hand.

Yes, I know the canopy is dirty, and that the arrow on the manual nose gear operating rod is pointing in the wrong direction. Both have been corrected before the next video.

Finally, I was able to talk Carol into using my Sony 3D camera for the recordings, giving us a good look at the entire plane as it moves around. This is only a small portion of one of three videos that were recorded in full 3D, converted to 2D for this video.